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To advance the education, care and wellbeing of the pupils at the schools, to advance the education of other members of the community.

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School Council

The School Council plays an important role at Southbrook as a forum for pupils to put forward their views and suggestions for improvements. School Councillors are elected from each tutor group, so every year group has two representatives.  Meetings are an excellent place for discussion, and we have some heated debates!

We have important rules that have been agreed, about making sure that everybody has the chance to be heard and state their views.  We work as a democracy and pupils are helped to understand the importance of fairness and voting.  It can sometimes be difficult if your vote does not win!

Past projects have included suggestions for lunch clubs which have now been extended so there is a wider choice. Year 10 and 11 School Councillors have also reviewed the setting for Key Stage 4 English and Maths.  They felt they are able to learn more and make better progress. The School Council also led the consultation and change of the School Uniform.  They carried out a school-wide survey with parents and pupils and ran a new school logo competition.  Voting took place with Governors included, and as from April 2016, a new school uniform was phased in.

In the Summer Term 2016, the School Council led the review of our school Mission Statement. They met and debated with Governors and finally agreed the new, shorter version which is much easier to remember.

This year, the School Council has worked with other schools in the SENtient Trust on a project called ‘Listen to Us’ to ensure that their voices are heard. They worked together to produce a film which was shown to County Officers and other agencies about what makes a good day; and what makes a bad day in our schools. The views have been gathered together and sent to the County Council to be included in part of their SEND strategy.

The School Council is currently working on developing different initiatives to improve the school environment. They have produced a list of priority actions.

December 2018 Update

Southbrook School Council have had three meetings this term, including a meeting with Geoff, one of our Governors.

Points raised in the meetings:

  • Equipment to use at break times.
  • Re-spraying the library bus and possible fundraising to fund this.
  • Doing a historical re-enactment.
  • Updating playground equipment.
  • The Champions for Change film.

The Devon group Champions for Change have made a fantastic film called ‘Listen, Hear, Understand’. Leah (9TP) and Zak (10AH) are Southbrook’s Champions for Change and have been working hard with young people from all over Devon to plan and make this brilliant film. Please see the link below.



Southbrook School Council had their last meeting of the school year today.  We talked about all the amazing things they have done over the last year and read through a long list of their achievements. Once that was done we had a round of applause and School Councillors received a certificate, a long list of their achievements this year and a small packet of sweets to say thank you and well done.

Achievements of School Council 2017-2018

October 2018

The new School Council met for the first time today. We talked about the expectations and responsibilities of being a School Councillor and what it would involve.
We talked about the kind of things the School Council achieved last year, like our Anti-Bullying film and friendship bench.

The School Councillors brought lots of ideas to the meeting from their tutor groups, including; games/equipment at break time, the changes to lunch timings and having more days off school!
Our next meeting will be Wednesday 14th November when one of the School Governors will be coming along to see what we have been talking about. We will also start to action some of our ideas. Watch this space