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To advance the education, care and wellbeing of the pupils at the schools, to advance the education of other members of the community.

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English is taught every day to all pupils and is embedded throughout all curriculum subjects so that they have opportunities to apply their learning in a range of contexts. In Key Stage 3 pupils receive five lessons of English a week while in Key Stage 4 they learn to apply reading, writing and communication skills within their vocational options.

During phonics sessions, pupils are taught grapheme-phoneme correspondence, letter formation and segmenting and blending skills. They learn these within focused phonics sessions, as well as wider reading and writing activities.

During English sessions, our pupils develop their reading, writing and speaking/ listening skills, and are exposed to a range of high quality texts including fiction, poetry, Shakespeare and non-fiction texts. They explore a range of genres and text lengths to expand their literary experiences and promote a love of the written word. Our pupils learn to develop their writing skills through a broad range of writing activities, linked to a central theme in KS3 while in KS4 there is an emphasis on functional skills.

We also strive to give children as many enriching opportunities as possible including trips to the theatre and organising visitors to come into school. In the last few years we have visited the Northcott Theatre and had visits from RAMM in Exeter. In addition we have had visits from an artist, a sculptor and an author; who engaged our pupils in creative workshops and cross-curricular learning.

We are proud to have a library bus, which is a sanctuary for reading, where pupils can choose, borrow and enjoy books at their individual level.

In Key Stage 4 pupils work towards a range of accreditations at various levels. We offer an Entry Level Certificate at Entry Level 1, 2, 3 and Level 1. We also offer Entry Level Functional Skills accreditation and GCSE in English Language. These qualifications have been chosen carefully to enable our pupils to prepare for the next phase of their education or work, and they are able to continue learning within these qualifications at their chosen college.