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To advance the education, care and wellbeing of the pupils at the schools, to advance the education of other members of the community.

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Design Technology

Design Technology is an exciting and engaging subject, and one which empowers our pupils to gain a better understanding of how the world is designed and constructed. Longer lessons allow pupils to explore the design process, including research and development of ideas through to construction and evaluation. Through DT, our pupils develop cross-curricular skills including language development and communication skills, writing and reading as well as practical maths skills. Life skills such as the ability to follow instructions, manage feelings when faced with challenges, solve problems, independence skills and perseverance. Our pupils learn how to manage their behaviour in order to use tools and equipment safely when working within a group, or independently.

Our pupils will use a variety of tools including hand-tools, hand-held power tools and larger tools such as jigsaws and pillar drills with appropriate supervision. They will learn which tools are most suitable for manipulating which materials.

Throughout their time at Southbrook, our pupils will experience working with resistant materials such as wood, metal and plastic, household materials such as paper and card, electronic systems such as wires, batteries and circuits and textiles. At KS3, the curriculum allows pupils to use a wide range of tools and experience the basic skills associated with the design process. In KS4 they develop this understanding, focusing on skills and knowledge that will help prepare them for college and work beyond Southbrook. This includes DIY skills where this is appropriate for particular pupils. Design Technology contributes towards the achievement of WJEC qualifications including Entry Level Personal Progress and Creative, Media and Performance Arts.